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Welcome to Lilly and Lena Boutique!

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Lilly and Lena

Welcome to Lilly and Lena Boutique! My name is Kallee and I am the owner of Lilly and Lena Boutique. I have always had a love for clothing; a big part of that is due to my mom. The name, Lilly and Lena, comes from my mothers grandmas (my great grandmas).

As a Physical Therapist and an avid gym goer, I’m always on the lookout for clothing to go from gym to street and vice versa, but end up having to go to multiple stores to find just that. So I wanted to create a one stop shop of active, lounge, and leisure wear.

My hope is that you are able to find clothing that makes you smile, feel good, offers great quality and is practical for your everyday life.

Thank you for being here 🫢🏻

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